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Hi, friends. How have you been? I know I haven’t been writing lately but, I’ve been pursuing some pretty interesting stuff. I have been drawn to learning about marketing, e-book writing and publishing, SEO, business and product branding, e-course building, how to give a webinar, making YouTube videos and, well, the list goes on and on…

I was in a state of overwhelm, too. I constantly thought, “What have I got to offer? What could I possibly ‘sell’ or create in order to make money while I worked on larger projects, like writing a book?” I was also constantly searching for ways to answer these questions (hint: it’s that whole list, above). Thus, the massive overwhelm. I was even overwhelmed by doing the things I learned, like following a strict daily routine (that only lasted a month).

Here’s where the magic comes in. I’m going to give you a timeline of the events that have transpired in my life over the past few years. Ready?


2011: I start a blog about all of my thoughts and feelings about many different subjects, mostly about being nice to each other. It’s called “Confessions of a Thinkaholic.”

2012: Tragedy befalls my family; my mom and mother-in-law are both killed within three months of each other. I come across a tweet from TinyBuddha(.com) and I go to their site to find out if they take submissions. They do. I write about the awful things that had just happened and how to survive it and end up helping several people in the process. (I eventually write three more articles for the site, they are accepted and I get the most amazing feedback from a lot more people). I also read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Wishes Fulfilled” right after my mom passed away and he mentions another book by Anita Moorjani called “Dying To Be Me.” This book changes my entire outlook on death. (It also sparks a hope in me to become a legitimate writer starting from “nothing” to getting noticed and published by chance).

2013: Another tragedy, my brother passes away. I continue to write therapeutically and continue with my blog.

2014: I’m throwing away junk mail and I happen to see something familiar. It is a flyer from Hay House Publishing (my dream publishing company, at the time). They are holding a three-day conference in Chicago in November 2014 called “Speak, Write, Promote: Become a Mover and Shaker” with President and CEO of Hay House Publishing Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson, a Hay House Author. I go. It’s a dream come true of networking and information. I even steel myself and stand up in front of the “class” and get to ask the presenters a question and tell a little of my story. On the second day, a woman sits next to me and introduces herself and invites me on her radio show for an interview. (This is Jaime Pfeffer and my interview with her and link to her radio show is right here on this website in the “about” section). Other people come up to me to tell me what a natural speaker I am. Hmmm…wheels start turning. I meet a ton of people and purchase my domain and website right then and there, at the end of day two.

2015: In March there is another 2 day Hay House conference in Chicago called “Hay House Writer’s Workshop.” Again, I go. I learn more incredible information and meet more people. There is a box on a table for ‘something’…I fill out the little card with my name and email. To be honest, I don’t know what it is, really. There’s also a table outside the room for Balboa Press, Hay Houses self-publishing hub. I fill out an info card there, too. (A Balboa Press rep calls me. I tell them my story of loss and triumph. They are impressed and want a book. I get calls about once a month asking me about the progress of this book. I have some decisions to make there…). After I get home from Chicago I get a newsletter in my email. It’s from the little box that was on the table that I didn’t know anything about. It is for something called “Wellness and Writing Retreats” with a lady named Julie Colvin. In this newsletter, the first thing I zero in on is her info page. Julie had been an Ultrasound Technologist wanting to get out of healthcare. She did. Now, she operates Wellness and Writing Retreats and is an editor and Ghost writer. What?! I immediately go to her Facebook page to connect with her and mention that I, too, am an Imaging Technologist looking to get out of healthcare to follow my dream to becoming a writer full-time and how amazing it was for me to accidentally come across her little cardboard box at the Writer’s Workshop. Julie contacts me right back offering me a $500 scholarship to the retreat in Sedona, AZ in May. I accept (my deepest gratitude, Julie). But, it took a lot of convincing myself as we had just taken a vacation to Florida in April to visit my husband’s dad and sisters (the first time back to Florida since his mother’s death). There, at the Mago Retreat Centre in Sedona, I meet over 20 of the best people, and now friends, I think I will ever know. Back before I went to Sedona, one of the emails I received from Julie and Wellness and Writing Retreats (which you can find here) was about a woman named Priya Rana Kapoor who was starting a magazine and needed article submissions. I was very interested. She happened to be at the retreat, I struck up a conversation about the magazine, we even talked about self-publishing do’s and don’t’s. The retreat was fantastic; just what I needed. I could never, ever thank the teachers or other writers enough for what they taught me about writing (thank you, Lisa), submitting (thank you, Windy Lynn) and even, myself (thank you, Gary).

2015: (still) I get an email from Priya asking me if she could use me as her “test subject” to help her develop a one-on-one coaching experience following through her book “Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life.” It was 8 weeks of coaching based on the “Permission Journey” laid out in her book (that you can get here). I was honored to do it. This is where I started the process of giving myself the permission to dream big–I wanted to retire from healthcare and become a writer/speaker full-time. I also submitted an article to her for the new magazine “Give YourSelf Permission Magazine” that is filled with stories of triumph, learning and making decisions and taking risks. The magazine is being transformed into an Anthology-a book of 55 stories from everyday people like you and me.

2015November: I quit my job as an Imaging Technologist on the night shift at a large county hospital in Missouri. I did it. I quit. (You can read about that here). After 18 years in Radiography, I took the ultimate risk and left it all behind. I was so happy. And terrified.

2016: February. Priya asks for volunteers to help her with her new e-course she’s developing based on her book. Many of us volunteer and it was another opportunity for learning this fantastic philosophy she has developed about how to literally give ourselves permission to live our best lives. Meanwhile, I have started to develop a routine for my day including some affirmations that I repeat each day like, “I, Nanette Stein, see, know, think and feel that I will have accepted a job and will be making steady and/or passive income by March 31, 2016.” I even wrote it in my planner in the little block for March 31, “Did I make any money?!”

2016: March. I’m not used to not “working” after having a job since I was 16. I worked so hard, especially in X-Ray school, I didn’t know what it was to not be scheduled into something. It was difficult. Overwhelming in its own right. I struggled with what to do with myself and when. I had so many ideas swimming around inside my head, but I didn’t know what to so with them; what to do first nor how to do it. I was starting to hit critical mass; I was starting to get to an almost panicked state–what was I going to do?! 

2016: March 29, Tuesday. I was tempted to write into that little square on my calendar to answer the question, “Did I make any money?” a resounding, “NO.” But, I told myself, “You can’t write that in, it’s not the 31st, yet.” That afternoon, Priya texts me. She wants to ask me about something regarding the Anthology. We set up a time to have a phone call the next day. I wonder if maybe my article is being rejected. It’s not that. At all.

2016: March 30, Wednesday. Right before she called, like two minutes before, I think, “Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if she’s actually wanting me to edit the book?” Yeah, right. Turns out, that was right. She’s asking me if I would be the editor of the Anthology. There were tears in my eyes the whole conversation. I just could not believe it. It was the four-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. I’ve only felt the sureness of a miracle a few times in my life. This was a big one. Priya is asking for a quote; I have to figure out what my fee is. My fee? Wow. I spend the whole day smiling until my face hurts.

Today: I email her my quote and text her letting her know to look for my email. She says she’ll call me as soon as she reads it. The call comes in and she graciously tells me that my quote is not enough and offered me a bit more. I am so absolutely floored that this is happening. We discuss many things; things I never thought I would ever be talking about with another author, coach, editor, publishing house owner…magic.

I don’t tell you the details of this to brag. I tell you so that you can see that dreams come true. I can’t even believe I am typing these words. This is unreal. But, is it? I believe in magic, so it’s real to me.

I am the editor of the Give YourSelf Permission Anthology-55 Inspiring and Insightful Stories of Risk-Taking, Life-Changes, Personal Growth and Happy Endings.

I dreamed it. I wanted it. And I believed it could happen.

I am that person. I. Am. That. Person.

What person are you?

Be sure to look out for my next post where I will give you my tips on how to achieve your own magic.

Until then, be good to yourselves and each other.


With much gratitude and love,


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