Ten Books That Changed My Life…And Will Change Yours, Too! (…and a Giveaway!)


Ah, books…I love them. Always have, always will. Books can take you on grand adventures right from the comfort of your own home. They can open up worlds to you that you never knew existed. They can teach you things that you never thought you’d ever be interested in and bring new and wonderous insights to your life. They can curb boredom, teach new skills, provide comfort and relaxation. But, what I have found to love best about books is the fabulous opportunity they have provided me over the years to grow and prosper as a human being. I want to share the top 10 books that have changed my life…and, I’m positive one (or all) of them will change yours, too.

I wrote several posts back in 2012 after my mother and mother-in-law passed suddenly causing a lot of grief, guilt, and fear–trepidation, really. I was struggling…like, really struggling, to hold it all together. I ran from my grief to avoid the pain. Fortunately, I had already started a new, sort of spiritual transformation in 2008 so I was already accomplishing big things in my life. I was able to draw upon those teachings and remember what I had learned. Those teachings came from books. Honestly. And, it was a total accident that I even found out about the authors.

Are you ready? I’ve even linked them up so you can check them out for yourself — just click the titles or the blue text of the items that you are interested in!

Here are my Top 10 Books That Changed (and saved) My Life:


1.”Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

On a Monday (my only day awake, as I worked at night) I was flipping through the channels and landed on an episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show. She was speaking so highly (and seriously) about an author that I just HAD to see who it was. She introduced Dr. Wayne Dyer who was promoting his book “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.” I was amazed by his full resolve to love all human beings and his serenity in explaining, so matter-of-factly that you can change your life just by changing how you think about life. I was completely blown away. So much that I bought his book–full price!

2. “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle

The next book I found from…yep, the telly. Again, I was surfin’ the channels (what? I said I wasn’t in my best condition!) and “happened” upon Oprah. She was in the middle of an interview with Eckhart Tolle. Some of the audience had received the book and worked through it for a while and were being interviewed on the show, along with Eckhart. One couple had lost everything – their jobs, cars, and house. Oprah had asked them what they had learned about detachment from the book, if anything, at all. They said they had learned that they are not defined by their things. They were devastated by the losses, but, after reading the book, they had so much peace about it. Eckhart also said that you don’t have to be happy with loss. Losing your house definitely will not make you happy…and, that’s ok. But, in order to keep your sanity and peace, you must learn to accept the loss and move on. This book has so much more to offer than gauging your reactions to loss. It truly is the book that changed my life.

3. “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Though this book was the first that Eckhart wrote, I didn’t read it until after I read “A New Earth” (where I found about “The Power of Now”). It certainly cleared things up for me quite a bit. An easy read, The Power of Now sheds a light on how you can bring peace into your own life just by practicing mindfulness. Noticing the things around you, such as the feel of the breeze on your skin, the smell of the coffee you brew in the morning, or the feel of the ground beneath your feet helps you to focus on what is truly important…the thing you truly only have – the Now.

4. “Excuses, Begone!” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

I absolutely loved this book. Not only does it teach you that you should no longer use excuses to rule your life, it teaches you that you don’t have to. Many times, we believe that who we are and what we do is essentially ruled by our DNA. Not true, according to Dr. Dyer. Just because we were raised a certain way, taught a certain way, or experienced things based on our socio-economic, religious, or cultural realities doesn’t mean we have to remain tied to them. We make our own truth; we don’t have to believe the old standards that we expect to be true.

5. “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Yet again, Dr. Dyer held my attention fully with this mesmerizing book about believing your dreams into existence. Narrowing in on the idea that “thoughts are things” Wayne shows us that, with the power of focused intention, you can manifest any wish you have if you can learn to feel it…as if it were already in your life. This was a new, yet amazing, concept for me. I had watched and read “The Secret” but, it never really resonated with me; it seemed all too “material.” This book, for me, was a nice mix of daydreaming with intention while feeling the gratitude for what you already have…real and imagined.

6. “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani

While I was reading “Wishes Fulfilled” after my mom had just passed away, Dr. Dyer kept referring to a book about an amazing story of a woman who had developed cancer, became very ill, died on the table in the emergency room during a crisis from her cancer, and had an experience you have to read to believe. As I sat in my rocking chair on the from porch of my house reading Dr. Dyer’s book, I just kept noticing how often he mentioned Anita and her book. I finally said, aloud, “Okay! I’ll read it!” I downloaded it, right then, onto my Nook (this was right before the eReader scene blew up, so it was a big deal for me to purchase and download anything on my eReader). This story helped me so much with the loss of my mother. I read it in April 2012, just before my mother-in-law was taken from us, and, thank God I had. It really gave me the peace that I was so desperately seeking. Anita Moorjani’s story of how she became published by Hay House is also the reason for my desire and strength to make the dream of writing full time a reality.

7. “Live Your Truth by Kamal Ravikant

I found this book completely by accident. I was looking for a book on kindle and this was either on the list of recommendations or it was being offered deeply discounted, or even for free. I don’t really remember, but I do remember being in awe of this book. The first thought I had while reading was, “Haven’t I read that before? Haven’t I said that before?!” If I were to have written a book before Kamal, this would be it (sort of). I believed this so much that I went back and re-read my own posts because everything sounded so familiar. After a while, I stopped searching…I got too frustrated reading so much (this is funny because, as of right now, I am an editor and reading mounds of work is my job). Maybe this is why it is said that there are no new ideas…we all just regurgitate information that we have processed in our own way. And, that’s cool. It’s fine; we’re all just here to be teachers for each other. I felt such a weird connection to this author that it made me uncomfortable.

8. “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It” by Kamal Ravikant

I found out about this book while reading the one above. It is the first one he published (also self-published) and is equally beautiful. The cover shocked me, and, I’m sure I would have purchased it, even if I hadn’t learned about it from reading “Live Your Truth.” This is also where I really learned about Amazon self-publishing for Kindle. How friggin’ amazing! The message in this book also helped me to believe I could do it: Love yourself enough, and you can do anything.  Even weirder than what happened above…I went to a Hay House event (Speak, Write, Promote: Become a Mover and a Shaker) and met Hay House Author Cheryl Richardson. She invited us all to her Facebook page while teaching us about having a professional page and how to protect our personal pages. She showed us how she only had two friends on one of her pages. One of those friends was…Kamal Ravikant. Weird, right? Not done, yet…we were also given a book Choose Yourself! (reviewed below) by Hay House CEO and President, Reid Tracey during one of the days of the event. In it, there is someone mentioned. Something about how easy it is to be successful with self-publishing…a friend of James Altucher. Yes. Kamal Ravikant. (Needless to say, Kamal had mentioned James in his book, too. It didn’t dawn on me until I read “Choose Yourself”). How synchronistic is that? The only thing with more synchronicity would be for me to meet Kamal by chance, one day…

9. “Choose Yourself! by James Altucher

This is the free book I received at the Hay House event. They were giving a lot of freebies away and Jaime Pfeffer (you can listen to my Uplift radio interview with her by visiting my about page) was sitting next to me; she had asked me to be on her radio show. She was given the book and turned and asked me if I would like it because she already had it! What a great gift! In this book, James Altucher tells us how he gained and lost, (and regained and re-lost) deals in life and business…until he started to choose himself. He got down to his gut and searched himself for what he wanted, and went for it. He writes about how, in our time now, there aren’t a ton of options spilling over for us…college grads are not getting hired, business are cutting back, jobs are being outsourced to the lowest bidder…we only have ourselves to rely on. It would behoove us to learn how to choose ourselves, for once. Filled with humor and grit, James tells us how to do just that. I loved this book so much, I purchased one for a co-worker who was wanting to start up her own business, even though I had a free copy at home…I didn’t want to loan it out!

10. “Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life” by Priya Rana Kapoor

This book is dear to my heart, in many ways. This book is by my friend and Life Coach, Priya Rana Kapoor. Written with grace and based on her own ‘permission journey’ Priya guides you on your own journey of self-discovery and helps you to learn how to give yourself the permission you need to live your best life. I met Priya at Julie Colvin’s Wellness and Writing retreat where we all received her book as a gift. (You can read about my journey here.) At the time, Priya and her husband, James, were in the process of calling for submissions for a new project they were developing – Give YourSelf Permission™ Magazine. I made an acquaintance with her and we continued to talk after the retreat. A few months later, Priya contacted me to ask if I would help her develop a coaching program based on working through the book. 8 weeks of coaching, free. Of course, I said “yes!” This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life (and, I’m not just saying this because she’s probably reading this). Because of my working with Priya through her book, I was able to narrow down my “big dream” and execute a plan of action leading me to finally resign from my job as a healthcare professional to pursue my writing, full-time. Broken up into workable sections, Priya takes the reader through the “Permission Journey”, a focused, easy and fun 8-step process to get yourself to a place of being able to give yourself permission to live your life – the way you want to, not the way other people say you should. The content of this book was invaluable in helping me make the scariest decision of my life. Now, as a result of my confidence in myself and my abilities, Priya has asked me to join her as Editor on her quest to making the successfully published magazine into an Anthology – a book of stories from people just like you and me who have a story to tell of overcoming trials, triumphs, and conquering the odds of the difficulties we face.

But wait! There are three bonus books I’d like to share. They are bonuses because I haven’t completed them, yet…but, I will and I know these are works that are essential to anyone’s library.

Bonus #1:

You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

One of the very first in the self-help movement, this critically acclaimed first book was written and published in her tiny office when she was first starting out in publishing. She wrote, copied, printed and bound it herself and mailed it out. It is full of beautiful truths about the possibility of healing your life through self-love and awareness. She believes that we suffer from the dis-ease that matches our troubled thoughts and that we can alleviate those ailments with loving and self-accepting thoughts. Louise believes that “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.”

Bonus #2

“Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay

Just like “Heal Your Life” this book offers you a step-by-step guide to healing what ails you in your body by changing to a more positive thought pattern. It is indexed with whatever health issue ails you; all you have to do is look it up and follow the positive process in the directions given.

Bonus #3

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

This one is great because it’s FREE!! Just kidding. Well, it is free…if you sign up for it by watching this YouTube video or by visiting www.MotivationManifesto.com (you just pay cost of shipping but, if you want to skip the awesome motivational video it, you can get it from Amazon by clicking the title above). This book’s subtitle is “9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power” and claims to help you step into your personal power, take it back, and use it to motivate yourself to your highest potential.

I hope you enjoyed this post. All of these books are truly owned, read, and reviewed honestly by me. Each one is in my library…no joke. The only one’s I have not read as of yet are the three bonuses (but, I’m working on it!). You can go back in my posts from a year or more ago and see that I raved about almost each one. I got the idea to do this post from a *friend* who suggested I do a review of all the books I try to pile on my friends and family because they have changed my own life so very much.

Do you have any of these books, yet? Have you read them…? Tell me what your favorite one was/is and how it has changed your life! Now, go get reading….it is summer, after all!


One lucky reader will win one of my favorite books, Wayne Dyer’s “Excuses Begone!” 

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Contest Rules:

You must be at least 18 years of age, have or create an Amazon.com account, be a resident of the 50 US states (or District of Columbia), and have a valid street address for delivery — straight from Amazon.com (sorry, PO Boxes are not valid). Your address stays completely private…even from me. Only Amazon.com will have your delivery information when you fill it out upon winning (you will be directed to the page only if you win). Contest runs for 7 days – July 27th – August 3, 2016, at 11:59 PDT. 

That’s it! It’s free, I promise. I set up this giveaway and purchased this book for the contest just for you. Feel free to share this post, join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+ to keep in touch for new content and the next GIVEAWAY!

I truly wish you all the wonderfulness you deserve,



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  1. steve studer

    I just stumbled upon your website not by accident but by curiosity, perhaps the same curiosity I had before the age of ten. I would get up just before dawn and ride my beat up bicycle around town before everyone was up just to seek out new places and adventures. I had the world to myself for just a little while. As a retired engineer with a wonderful 35 year marriage and a 29 year old son who is a model citizen inside and out, I have nothing in the world to whine about…..Yet, I have this contempt and hate for just about everything that confronts me these days. I’m on Zoloft to smooth the edges that are probably hereditary but I’ve been asking myself lately why the hell am I so frustrated and mad about every little thing. What is going on with me. I’ve been one of luckiest people on earth and have lived an eventful life, at least by my standards. Raised Catholic but dropped that once I reach the age of reason. There is a supreme something which no one can define, but it’s out there, and on the rare occasion I bend a knee before bed something positive usually manifests itself in one form or another in due time. I believe you are right about it comes from within. Here’s hoping i rode my bike down the right alley this morning. I look forward to learning more from you. BTW, I used to read X-rays in the welding world.

    1. NanetteStein Post author

      I must humbly apologize for replying so late! I have been on hiatus but also, these comments did n’t show up! I was having trouble getting into this section! Maybe I just needed your comment, now, instead of before? I am so happy something I wrote affected you. How have you been? It’s nice to talk to someone who “understands” what we often are too afraid or ashamed to say out loud to anyone. Your comment has given me the drive I need to get back to what I feel my purpose is: sharing the good, bad and ugly if only to help one person see that they are valid. Thaks so much fo interacting with me and again, I am truly sorry I failed to see and address this until now.


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