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  1. steve studer

    I just stumbled upon your website not by accident but by curiosity, perhaps the same curiosity I had before the age of ten. I would get up just before dawn and ride my beat up bicycle around town before everyone was up just to seek out new places and adventures. I had the world to myself for just a little while. As a retired engineer with a wonderful 35 year marriage and a 29 year old son who is a model citizen inside and out, I have nothing in the world to whine about…..Yet, I have this contempt and hate for just about everything that confronts me these days. I’m on Zoloft to smooth the edges that are probably hereditary but I’ve been asking myself lately why the hell am I so frustrated and mad about every little thing. What is going on with me. I’ve been one of luckiest people on earth and have lived an eventful life, at least by my standards. Raised Catholic but dropped that once I reach the age of reason. There is a supreme something which no one can define, but it’s out there, and on the rare occasion I bend a knee before bed something positive usually manifests itself in one form or another in due time. I believe you are right about it comes from within. Here’s hoping i rode my bike down the right alley this morning. I look forward to learning more from you. BTW, I used to read X-rays in the welding world.

    1. NanetteStein Post author

      I must humbly apologize for replying so late! I have been on hiatus but also, these comments did n’t show up! I was having trouble getting into this section! Maybe I just needed your comment, now, instead of before? I am so happy something I wrote affected you. How have you been? It’s nice to talk to someone who “understands” what we often are too afraid or ashamed to say out loud to anyone. Your comment has given me the drive I need to get back to what I feel my purpose is: sharing the good, bad and ugly if only to help one person see that they are valid. Thaks so much fo interacting with me and again, I am truly sorry I failed to see and address this until now.


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