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Little Reminders

This post first appeared at ConfessionsofaThinkaholic on 9/25/2012     Amazing things will happen to you when you let them. Of course, it lies within your opinion what “amazing” is. I used to be afraid to hope. Afraid because I knew my hopes would be shattered in disappointment. I am no longer afraid because I removed my attachment to what it is I hoped for. I still hope. I still dream. But now I do it without fear. Without the fear of losing it or not attaining it. I am in awe of how humbled I am when it happens forRead more …

Quantum Moment

  This post was first published August 10, 2012, on ConfessionsofaThinkaholic.   I want to tell you about the day I realized I had my Quantum Shift. I was standing at my sink in my kitchen doing the dishes listening to an online radio station to nature music feeling the breeze through my window, seeing the leaves of the trees flutter in the wind, noticing the flowers in the neighbor’s yard, the colors so vivid. There were butterflies and bugs fluttering by. The nature sounds mixed with soothing music was calming. I noticed the feel of the warm soapy water,Read more …

Gratitude: The Most Important Element To Making Your Own Magic

      In my last post, I shared a bit of my life from last year, about this time. Though it is a year old, I thought it went beautifully with the one before it. Since that April vacation in Florida, I have taken a leap of faith and manifested my own destiny; I made my own magic. It wasn’t so magical that it happened all by itself, oh no…I had to work for it. In this post, a share a timeline of the magic that has swirled around me in the last few years. But, I left out oneRead more …